Virtual meetings are an unknown territory for many event planners. Fear, anxiety, and a sense of dread fills their heads as they struggle to figure out how to replicate a face-to-face conference into a digital world. Zenevent exists to remove that worry. We see interruptions as opportunities to rethink what makes a company meeting or conference valuable. That’s why we have embraced the virtual world of Zenevent.

We have developed a top-of-the-line virtual meeting platform that brings the energy and spirit of large conferences and events into the digital world. The combination of proprietary technology, white-glove service, and execution expertise, allows us to truly partner with our clients and help alleviate the stress of executing a meeting. We set ourselves apart by allowing our clients to focus on planning, while also providing a consultative experience, where we offer ideas and expertise on how to bring their vision to life in a virtual setting. We exist to give our clients peace of mind in this new and ever-changing virtual landscape.


What is ZENTRICITY”? It is our business model based on customer-centricity as we believe in long-lasting and authentic relationships, rooted in genuinely understanding our clients, their attendees, and their event goals. It is a practice grounded in empathy and putting our clients’ needs at the center of every idea, decision, and policy we make as a company. This philosophy allows us to transform ideas and visions into memorable event experiences.